What our members say about the Choir

Singing with the choir has helped me find my voice at work
…highlight of the week, coming out
It gives me something to look forward to and lift up my drooping spirit
…feel a part of something and less alone
…choir gives me the opportunity to socialise, make friends, feel warm and happy, and to use my voice. I feel I am also able to share my feelings and be honest and open
It is a commitment and I like singing. It uplifts me and I appreciate the support, when I am going through a bad patch. People genuinely care about each other.
I feel part of a ‘family’ of friends
…somewhere to go on Tuesday evenings, being in company, without judgment
I love the whole camaraderie of going in a group, so we can get to know each other.  It is a lovely way to spend an afternoon, as I’m usually alone.  Days out are important.
For me personally you’ve managed to achieve something bordering on unique: you’ve got me committed (almost!) to a weekly activity that I’ve both enjoyed and maintained for 10 months with very few missed rehearsals or events! (a list of the activities that I’ve started in my life and dropped after a short time would fill more than one A4 page). So thank you all for a much valued weekly experience
— D N (Choir Member since December 2010)