Harrow Community Choir


Harrow Community Choir will be performing as one of the acts in the upcoming Harrow Disability Arts Festival.  See News or click here for more information or to book tickets


Who are we?

The Harrow Community Choir provides musical creativity in a unique format.  It is a friendly, safe environment where people affected by mental health can come together with members of the wider community.  

We sing, enhance musical and creative ability, build self-confidence, socialise and learn to perform in public on a regular basis


What we do

The Choir meets weekly for relaxation, ensemble singing, solo performing, socialising, eating cake and drinking tea.

We have guest teachers from diverse backgrounds, including South American and Irish folk, and opera.

We go on group outings to musical performances, usually outside Harrow, including regular trips to London's South Bank.



What else do we do?

We sing and enhance our musical and creative skills.  We aim to build the self-confidence of our members.

Members are encouraged to attend other confidence building activities, such as ‘open-mic’ nights and community drama groups.

The Choir helps its members to overcome isolation, stigma, discrimination and fear.  We are a family of friends - and we're looking forward to the first marriages of our members early in 2015.


Harrow Rethink Support Group, a registered group of volunteers of the national charity Rethink Mental Illness, was set up in Harrow in 1983. While Rethink Mental Illness does not provide direct funding, it supports the group with insurance, risk assessments, CRB checks, training etc.