I was never so moved by a piece of music, just divine. Loved it. Being moved is an understatement. From start to finish I was captivated by the beautiful music, the singing the ensemble and indeed it was and when the choir gathered it was just divine. I cried, I smiled and felt really connected to the different movements in the music and the involvement of such a range of instruments and voices. Humanity is indeed in a good place! Thanks for a special evening.
— Sherry Rouhani | Hhumann X by Toni Castells | www.tonicastells.com

Who are we?

More Than Just A Choir provides musical creativity for people affected by mental ill-health, in a friendly and safe environment.  

We hold weekly choir rehearsals and organise several public performances each year. This helps members build their confidence, whilst also connecting with the wider community.

What Else do we do?

There is more to the choir than just singing. We provide a strong social setting, where members may form lasting friendships and support one another.

There are regular social trips outside of rehearsal time, as well as courses and workshops.


Our values

The choir prides itself in providing an environment where each member is treated with respect and acceptance.

We work inclusively to ensure everyone has a voice.


Bringing harmony to mental health

Upcoming Events

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