Singing with the BBC

A report from the front-line of song....
Sitting in front of a hot PC screen, on an even hotter, sultry, sunny afternoon, I am picturing in my mind, the amazing evening of Tuesday last, with the whirlwind, joyful energy and direction of Rebecca Lodge from the BBC Singers....

A quick word of reassurance..... if anyone was sitting in the ranks, trying to sing the harmonies of Leonard Bernstein's "America", with Rebecca beaming away and saying, "Wow, amazing - you've got it; brilliant!" and wondering which choir she was talking about, don't worry, I'm right with you!

I, certainly, was singing some (possibly) of the right notes,but, as the late, great comic, Eric Morecambe said, "...but not necessarily in the right order!"

So, if anybody is struggling and wondering what it was all about....

I did enjoy the effort of having to listen and just go for it.  I loved the fact that we were being treated like professionals.  I loved, above all, seeing a record, 41 people in the room, all, in their own way, focussing, giving it a go and just trying to make the most of what was a new, great, musical adventure.

Rebecca will be back with us on Saturday afternoon, 25th July, 1:00 - 4:00 pm. Please, please do book that date in your diary for a delightful vocal workout.
Tuesday was an introduction, so that we and Rebecca could get to know each other, how we worked, our differing  expectations, desires and abilities and bring that all together to produce, what was, no doubt, a magnificent sound.

The best advice I took away with me that night was:
"Smile, stand tall and proud, sing a brilliant first line, a tremendous last line and whatever happens in the middle, keep smiling, standing proud and unashamedly move your mouth up and down!"

Also a pleasure was seeing the delight and dancing for joy of Emma Brooks!
I am so grateful to have this opportunity to work with some of the best musicians (yes, singers are musicians, too!) in the world.

Associated Dates:
Saturday 25th July: The Bridge.  1:00 - 4:00pm
Saturday 5th September - Royal College of Music 10:00am
Saturday 5th September - Royal Albert Hall 7:00pm.
(Places are limited, so please confirm with me if you will be attending!)

Thanks to Philip & Bryan at the Tonic Choirs, to Garth McArthur & Rebecca Lodge at the BBC Singers.

Cheers and keep singing!